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Saharan Sunrise

Saharan Sunrise

My lovely friend Olia on our madcap trip in the Sahara in the Spring of 2010! Taken with a point-and-shoot Panasonic DMC-FS3 and edited a tiny bit using iphoto (see how professional I am)


Let the 74th Annual Hunger Games Begin… wait wait that’s not right…


Hey everyone! Thanks for stopping by!  I’m Molly and I’m starting this photoblog for a couple of reasons.  But first take a gander at this lovely artistic girl- that’s me.  Ok that’s me about twenty years ago so I do look a little different now,but still… look how artistic I am!  (I think the photographer of that one is my lovely mother so clearly my talent is genetic)Image

A) I’m in my first year teaching at a pretty new school and I’m teaching a photography cluster on Fridays so I figured I should start doing some real photography of my own.  (Please read “real” meaning I should actually take photos on something other than my phone). 


B)  I only ever seem to take photos when I’m traveling which having a job is kind of preventing right now (but yay employment!)  So hopefully this blog will get me to actually take some around New York.  My goal is to either take and edit a new photo every day or to post an old one that’s been edited. 


C)  I kind of miss doing my own creative thing and I’ve been pouring a lot of energy into coming up with creative things for my students so this space is for me and my work… Though keep your eyes peeled because they may have one up before you know it!


So sit back relax and enjoy- that is if anyone actually comes by to read this 🙂 And for your enjoyment I’ll try to get a photo up for today!